Panthers News · “Class Of 2016 Steps Up To Clean”

By Sharmaine Horton

The Class of 2016 is finally starting to make some changes. The Senior Class Officers started helping the Cafeteria Staff by maintaining the lines, throwing away trays, and washing tables after each lunch. They even help stack the chairs and fold tables after D lunch. This is becoming a movement. The Senior Class would like to see everyone stepping up and doing as much as they can to keep the school clean.

As a whole, it is time to start doing positive things in our community. Thanksgiving and Christmas are slowly approaching and so many different things can be done to show how much you care about the less fortunate. The Senior Committee will announce different community service events, so stay updated. It is now the season of giving back, so let’s encourage the SWD Family to make a change and start a new tradition.image1 (1)